Opening of Total Wellness Experience Center

Here is exciting news for you!! Our total wellness center is now open at Nawala. You can visit us and witness, get hands on exposure on our new range of products and services.

We are a newly established and registered company and we are mainly focusing on the wellness industry which is rapidly developing in the current context. Being innovative and well updated, we provide a range of products and services that includes home exercise equipment and cutting edge wellness machinery, massaging machines, in combined with all these we also provide workout plans and nutrition plans etc. which is vital to stay healthy and fit.

By providing you with all these latest technology in the field of healthy lifestyle industry we intend to guide you and rest of the countrymen towards a disease free and healthy nation.

So hurry up and visit our store, try out our new equipment. It’s a great advantage, that you get to try out all the products before you buy them which is a difficult and rare chance to get otherwise.